Over the years of racing remote control cars. I have spent thousands on tools & equipment. Some have been great and have stood the test of time and the others well not so good. When you start out racing there are a vast array of products.

It can be extremely hard to determine the good from the bad. Let’s face it this is an expensive hobby, with that said you don’t have to spend a fortune on everything. There are some reasonable and cheaper options which will run with the best of them.

When your on the track the last thing you want is a failure electrical or mechanical. We are here to have a good time, but lets face it deep down we all want to win, or beat your friend. To win you must first finish the race! The purpose of this page is to share with you the products I have found to be well priced and high quality.

These are products which can be used in any class of RC racing. I think it’s important to mention I don’t recommend any particular brands of cars. This is because it can be very location specific. I will always recommend you pop down to your local race track and see what other racers are using. It’s important you get a feel for which cars have the best parts availability. You will ultimately need spare parts and its very frustrating if they are not available track side or from your local hobby shop.